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An Update for The Awareness Center Community

September 13, 2019
Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

Dear Awareness Center Family,

Sat Nam.  We are overjoyed to share with you that with the help of our long-time community member Ruth Factor (real estate attorney) we negotiated a six-month lease in our current location with our new landlord.  Thank you Ruth!  After the last letter on September 1st,  there has been an outpouring of support and love from our community.  We have received countless messages, emails and hugs with offers of support and donations of energy and money.  It is clear that our students, staff, teachers and energy exchange volunteers are all standing behind us as we navigate this transition phase into an eventual new space in February/March 2020.  We are actively looking for our new home for the AC in the Pasadena area. My husband Guru Darshan and I are so incredibly grateful and feel uplifted and blessed by your love. We know how much the Awareness Center means to all of you and we are committed to guiding the transition into the next phase of expansion and growth.


God has given me a vision and it is shared by people all around the world - to create a peaceful Aquarian Community that serves as a highly evolved ecosystem of shared wisdom and resources.  Communities like ours will give us the structure and stability to rebuild our future world. I want to share that vision with you and invite you to join me in being part of the change.  


The Awareness Center Yoga and Healing Community is changing the way we experience our lives and the world around us.  Over the past 45 years our students have shared that the classes and community love has transformed their lives. Some of the positive benefits that the center provides to its members is:


  • A spiritual practice and yogic way of living that has been passed down to us from Yogi Bhajan and the Golden Chain of Teachers.  This practice is ancient and modern at the same time. It has worked for human beings since the 1600’s and in the current time, it is a way of living for “house holders” people who have jobs, families, responsibilities and pressures.  It is a simple way to live, that is elegant and full of grace. Our way of living reduces the impact and damage to the earth and the people around us.

  • A community and spiritual home for the San Gabriel valley since 1974.  A home where all are welcome. We are an inclusive and loving community that celebrates diversity and actually encourages it!  We support people in becoming who they truly are and in following their individual life purpose. We strive to rise above the polarities that divide us as human beings.  Race, nationality, gender identity, financial status, age, health, weight, spiritual identity/religion. With the support and structure of our practice, we learn to see through the eyes of God and know that we are all One.  We offer a space of acceptance, love, compassion and deep trust.

  • A living example of a sustainable ecosystem that reminds people of what is possible.  We are here to be of service and teach others to find the Sevadar within. The part of us that serves and gives with no expectation of reward.  Being of service is a mission that is carried by countless communities around the world and we offer our own unique perspective on how we can change our experience of life through service.

  • We empower people to live their truth and love their lives!  Through our classes, workshops, trainings, community events and more...we empower and create teachers, healers, leaders, visionaries, sevadars, healthy families, happy marriages, beautiful balanced children and homes filled with joy.


We are stretching to pay the increased rent on our new lease in addition to managing increased operating costs.  


If you are guided to support the center, we are deeply grateful! 


What We Need:

Donations for the immediate future - in person or Facebook fundraiser

Amazon Wishlist for supplies

Crowd funding for our NEW AC building (4-6 months out)


We have started a Facebook fundraiser:  Click Here to Donate

and will launch a Crowd Funding page soon for the NEW Awareness Center!


We also have an Amazon Wishlist for supplies and things we need to keep running efficiently and to make improvements on our yoga supplies and studio improvements. Click Here to Donate 


Actions you can take:

  • Increase your commitment to your practice by coming to more classes.  Purchase a 20 class pass by September 30th and receive 2 classes for FREE.!  The additional 2 classes will be added to your class credits when you purchase.

  • Enroll in Kundalini Teacher Training, Level 2 starting October 2019

  • Enroll in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1 in advance for February 2020!


Please stay tuned for weekly updates and keep connected through social media and coming to classes, workshops and events!  The next two events are going to be spectacular and filled with the vibration of hope and faith that God is channeling through us.  Join us for Fall Equinox Ceremony on Saturday September 21st at 7pm and Kundalini Yoga Immersion on Sunday, September 29th from 9:30am to 2:30pm.  Share about the Awareness Center and the miracles that are happening here. Let us use this opportunity to anchor, uplift and arise together as the Aquarian Community that we are!


Love and Blessings,

Wahe Guru Kaur and Guru Darshan Singh

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Level Two - Authentic Relationships 

with Simran Kaur, Gurutej Kaur, Gurucharan Khalsa and Dr. Santokh Khalsa 


Begins Friday, October 4th 2019

Payment Plans available. 

Register HERE.

Head here for more info.  


Follow us on Instagram @awarenesscenteryoga

Our mission is to provide you with a practice and technology to feel

comfortable in your body, connected and expressed in relationships,

fulfilled in your life's work and at peace with yourself. 

Through Kundalini yoga and meditation as well as many other transformational practices, 

we are here to inspire, uplift and empower you.



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