Instructor Roster
All Awareness Center teachers are certified by The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).
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Teacher Biography
Wahe Guru Kaur, Awareness Center Owner & Visionary

Wahe Guru Kaur’s classes have a way of transporting you to another realm. Her warm presence creates a safe, loving environment and encourages you to move through mental and physical blocks toward greater strength, peace and inner clarity. Wahe Guru Kaur uses eclectic world music, chanting, mantras, and the gong to accompany the yoga, and uses inspiring readings to create the theme of the class. Afterward, you feel that you have stretched and strengthened the body, calmed the mind, and are leaving with a message to uplift your consciousness during the week. Wahe Guru Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2001.

Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C., Awareness Center Founder & Master Teacher

Dr. Khalsa is the spiritual advisor and Master Teacher to the Awareness Center. He has been practicing Kundalini yoga for forty years and had the great blessing of learning directly from Yogi Bhajan. He and his wife, Suraj, were founders of the Awareness Center in 1974 and both have been teaching ever since. Dr. Khalsa teaches the Friday evening class, "Make a Date With Your Soul" in which he leads a yoga set but also reads and discusses a lecture given my Yogi Bhajan in the past. He is the lead teacher for the Level I and Level II Kundalini Yoga teacher training program. He also teaches the Wednesday, 7:00 P.M. Beginnerís Series and has a thriving Chiropractic practice in Pasadena.

Suraj Kaur Khalsa, Awareness Center Co-Founder

Suraj Kaur Khalsa began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 1974 and became a teacher in 1976. Her teaching style is empowered by the fact that she learned directly from Yogi Bhajan and had the honor of personally serving him for almost 30 years. Her classes are a gentle yet invigorating combination of kriyas and breath work. Using inspiring Universal readings and teaching, she creates a soothing, uplifting environment that is healing to all; beginners and long time students alike.
Alyssa (Chandra Kaur)

Alyssa Tomoff was certified by Romana's Pilates in 2005 and has been teaching classical Pilates for ten years. She is a KRI certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher and enjoys sharing how Kundalini Yoga and Pilates compliment each other. Her classes are customized for each class. They are inclusive, peaceful, and fun!

Pilates is a series of physical exercises developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen and lengthen the human body without adding bulk. The Pilates method emphasizes the development of the postural muscles of the abdomen, back, and buttocks, together known as the "powerhouse." Pilates develops the mind/body connection and demands concentration, precision, and breath control. Instruction is done using verbal, tactile and visual cues, resulting in stronger abdominal muscles, increased flexibility, improved posture, and increased energy.
Basia (Haridass Kaur)

Basia (Haridass Kaur) is a Reiki Master/Sekhem energy practitioner and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation since 1999. Her classes emphasize her personal philosophy of heart-conscious-prosperity. Basia’s goal is to help you open your heart center and cultivate your awareness of the infinite possibilities for prosperity in life: abundant joy, health, and wealth. She specializing in Healing Treatments utilizing breath, sound, and energy work with other Natural Therapies.
Beatris (Sat Avtar Kaur)
Beatris (Sat Avtar Kaur) enjoys guiding her students deep within to their center. Inspired by life and Mother Earth, she teaches the balance and courage of patience, forgiveness, love, and kindness. Beatris loves to do warm ups that stretch and strengthen the core muscles. She will gently take you into a meditative state where you can focus on releasing blocks and raising your vibrational awareness. Beatris has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2002.
Carolyn (Siri Har Narayan Kaur)

Carolyn's (Siri Har Narayan) class motto is "time to go within and have your own personal experience." This is what Siri Har Narayan values in her own practice and strives to create such a space for her students. The tone of the class is often set early on to gently coax you inward and allow you to find inner strengths and resources. Siri Har Narayan will guide you through your practice with instructions at each shift and then quietly allow you to work on the kriya and the kriya to work on you. In addition to Kundalini Yoga she teaches Qigong, a type of moving meditation that helps to release energy blocks, relieve stress and increase vitality.
Denise (Sat Mohine Kaur)

Denise (Sat Mohine Kaur) began practicing Kundalini yoga in 1999 and became a Level 1 Certified Teacher through the Kundalini Research Institute in 2005. In addition to teaching she is a vital member of the yoga community! You will find her behind the front desk, in the garden, and taking yoga classes at the studio. Her warm humor and insight provide a safe place for balance and release. Her teaching specialties include working with people in recovery and those with limited mobility or chronic health conditions, as well as with children.

Donna (Guru Bachan Kaur)

Donna (Guru Bachan Kaur) is a KRI-certified teacher and practices healing through the use of therapeutic gemstones designed for both meditation and adornment. After a career in high tech, she embarked on a spiritual journey that brought her to the Awareness Center, Kundalini Yoga, and the spiritual energy of gemstones. Guru Bachan is a graduate of the Awareness Center Teacher Training Program.

David (Guruprasad Singh)

David (Guruprasad Singh) teaches the $8 Community Class so that everyone can enjoy yoga, even if they have fewer means. His teaching style is both energizing and meditative to help his students achieve new levels of awareness of themselves and their bodies. He is a graduate of the Awareness Center Teacher Training Program c/o 2008.

Gillian (Atma Kaur)

Gillian (Atma Kaur) brings a warmth and light to her classes that allows one to reinvigorate, relax, and renew on many levels. In a class with Atma, enter the flow of true identity and acceptance of self by integrating mind, spirit, and body. Sharing awakenings through life's changes is built into the fabric of her classes, as is a supportive atmosphere. Atma embraced the gentle power of Kundalini Yoga as a foundation for living while taking Santokh Singh Khalsa's beginners series in 1995. She became KRI certified in 1998 and teaches a variety of ages and abilities. All are welcome.

Hari Singh

One of The Awareness Center’s veteran instructors, Hari Singh has developed a strong following for his 7:00am Saturday class. He takes his time describing the purpose of each exercise and often ends the class with a deep relaxation and gong meditation. If you would like to go deeply within, this intermediate level class can take you there.
Helen (Dev Avtar Kaur)

Helen (Dev Avtar) is a graduate of the Awareness Center Teacher Training Program. Her intention for each class is to strengthen body, mind and spirit through the healing aspects of Kundalini Yoga. Her classes are calm and meditative while still giving each student a thorough body experience. Emphasis is on going inward while unblocking and raising Kundalini energy through movement. Helen is a Hypnotist/Psysotherapist, Reiki Master and a graduate of the Awareness Center Healer Training program.
Marcia (Nimrita Kaur)
Marcia (Nimrita Kaur) started her yoga practice in 1993 with Jivamukti yoga. In 2004 she began taking Kundalini classes and fell in love with the vibration qualities that meditation and chanting provided. Nimrita brings her talents as a professional intuitive to add extra elevation and guidance to her classes. Her teaching goal is assisting students to open up to the truth of who they are and their dharma, or life path.
Sheila (Nirmaljeet Kaur)
Sheila (Nirmaljeet Kaur) enjoys teaching all levels of students, from first-time beginners to practitioners with years (or decades) of experience. Her classes emphasize the Kundalini Yoga basics of breathing and postures that serve to ground students in a strong foundation for their practice. Featuring a wonderful range of eclectic music such as Eastern, Chill out, World and a plethora of non-traditional music (Louis Prima, anyone?), you can learn in a comfortable, fun, and stress-free environment. Her classes work to bring passion, joy, enthusiasm, and humor into your life.
Susan (Seva Simran Kaur)
Susan's (Seva Simran Kaur) class focuses on self empowerment. Her goal is to help people find their inner teacher and awareness through compassion and self-love. In a comfortable and judgment-free space, one can release negative thought patterns and deep emotional issues, clear head-space, and experience deep healing on all levels. This class begins on the physical plane by learning to be present in the body and then moves into the subtle realms of higher energy. This experience will help you to play, grow, and gain ownership over your life's course.
Timothy (Guru Darshan Singh)
Timothy (Guru Darshan Singh) began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2004 and has found it to be a profoundly life-altering way of life. He seeks to uplift and inspire his students through his first-hand experience of the power of Kundalini Yoga to overcome fears, old beliefs and addictions. He is a graduate of both the Awareness Center Teacher Training Program and Healer Training Program.

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